User Experience Designer

As a User Experience Designer, I know that it’s not about me, it’s about the user. Always. While working on a project, I strive to be empathetic, to create intuitive paths and to keep the work that the user has to do to a minimum. Here are a few of my favorite pieces and the journey I took, be it alone or with a team, to get to the end results.



Product Redesign

Classic Cereal Box

The classic cereal box presents the user with a lengthy process to open, store and keep the product fresh. My goal was to simplify all that.

IxD Internship

Austin Community College

The Millennial Mentoring Project with Austin Community College and Hackney Community College in the UK presented teams with a live brief and a requirement to present our solutions at SXSWi 2014.

Mobile App

Clutter Cutter

As someone who has moved a lot and shared apartments, I know how important and difficult it can be to keep yourself organized. This app is meant to help make this process a lot easier.

Website Redesign

Bakehouse Restaurant

The goal of this project was to tackle UX and UI issues that were on the existing Bakehouse site.

Visual Design


Spiceworks, an online community for
IT pros, taught me how to work in a
fast-paced environment, handle tight deadlines and keep the creativity
flowing under pressure.

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