Website Redesign: Bakehouse Restaurant

Going out to a restaurant is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, some of the most irksome websites that I’ve encountered have belonged to restaurants. When redesigning this site, I wanted to make sure the users would be able to find essential information, like the menu and hours, with no effort.

This is a project that I worked on individually.

The Original Site

When I first saw the Bakehouse website, I was overwhelmed by both it’s appearance and poor UX. Below is what their site looks like. To help reduce the noise, I wireframed out the home page so that itʼs easier to see the actual layout.

Step 1: Research

To learn more about both the restaurant and it’s patrons, I took a trip over there for brunch. I found that Bakehouse is eclectic in both it’s ambience and the type of people that eat there.

Step 2: Persona

Maria, a student at Austin Community College

“I just need the facts! Don't make me search for them!”

  • In her early 20s
  • A native Austinite
  • Studying to be an elementary school teacher
  • Coffee with two sugars fuels her life
  • Eats out at restaurants three to five times a week
  • Socializes at bars with friends
  • Likes restaurants and coffeeshops she can do homework at
  • Seeks out affordable food and beverages
  • Needs quick access to the restaurant menu
  • Find out restaurant hours
  • Know how late the kitchen is open
  • Learn about daily specials

Step 3: Wireframes

Essential information, like the menu, hours and phone number, is on the homepage. Other information, like catering and pictures of the restaurant, are located on interior pages.

Step 4: Prototype and User Testing

This is a prototype of the first iteration of the redesign that I created using FluidUI and I user tested. See the live prototype on fluidui.com

Step 5: Final Design

My final design is meant to reflect the personality of the Bakehouse. The mixture of fonts represents their hodgepodge decor, the very subtle map background is a nod to their map room and the color green was popular in their restaurant so it became the base color for my version of the site.

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