Mobile App: Clutter Cutter

As someone who has experienced moving apartments a lot, I know how much of a pain it is, especially if there are other people that will be residing in the same place. The purpose of this app is to help people keep track of their things, estimate their value and have an easy way to sell their unwanted items online.

This is a project that I worked on individually that I started in class and finished on my own time.


Jen, getting ready for a move

“Moving is hard and nothing annoys me more than clutter.”

  • 32 years old
  • Sixth grade teacher in Cedar Park, TX
  • Avid cyclist
  • Moving in with her boyfriend, Marcus
  • Labels moving boxes
  • Dislikes having a clutter living or work space
  • Creates lists to help her stay on task
  • Sell things they have double of
  • Track value of items to be able to obtain renter’s insurance
  • Create list of what they still need to buy
  • Be able to take pictures of items and see details about them

Medium–Fidelity Wireframes

I used an Apple UI template to help illustrate the pageflow of the app.

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